Since August 2019 I offer (single) portrait photoshoots wherever I am*.
I am going to stay loyal to my original love of urban locations.

What to expect ?

  • urban locations as a background setting (so always outside & during the day)
  • lovely photographs for you or as a gift
  • selected photographs with very few edits (to stay as real as possible)
  • photographs will reach you with „wetransfer“

You are interested?
Either fill in the contact form below or write me directly an email to or write me via Instagram.

What would be great additionally:

  • If I could post the pictures on my website, portfolio and instagram: elenimzk and
  • tag me on colorful photos with elenimzk and on bnw photos with
  • It’s not ok with you? Just talk to me and we’ll find a good solution
Details about the exact days or Anything else don't hesitate to ask me!